Sunday, January 18, 2009

For the Soap Lovers on you Valentine's Day List...

Bubble Gum Valentine Goats Milk Soap by Amplify Me Soap Shop... Who among us doesn't remember the joy of finding a spare nickle, hopping on a banana seat bike, and peddling as fast as we could, streamers and pony tales blowing back, as our spoke beads made that wonderful clinking sound, and there it was....the corner store. We didn't need to lock up our bikes, we wouldn't be in there long, we were there for one thing and one thing only, a little piece of heaven, Bazooka Bubble gum. Oh, that easily opened twisted wrapper, and the sugar powder coating! This gloriously moisturizing and detergent free soap will keep those precious childhood memories alive. Sweet and fun, you've just gotta try one!

Sweet Hearts Rose Geranium Soap by Aquarian Bath...
This is a beautiful and lovely soap scented with Rose Geranium, Camphor and Menthol. The lather is light and fluffy and it will leave you feeling clean and cool after using it. The bars are large approximately 5 oz. The all natural color comes from pink kaolin clay, and the bar has a heart stamp in the middle. This is a very hard and long lasting bar. This is an orangutan friendly soap, in other words no palm oils are used in this soap.

The Broken Heart Puzzle by Arcadia Aromatics is a great novelty gift and the kids will have tons of fun putting together the puzzle while getting clean. Made from wholesome ingredients, the soap base that we use to make these designer soaps is considered one of the very best on the market and contains NO sulfates or harmful chemicals and absolutely NO harsh detergents or foaming agents. You'll receive 4 individual peices of soap that when put together, form a heart shape. The entire heart weighs 7.5 oz.

A wonderful Valentines Day Gift Set For HER come to you from Anhoki's Place! This gift set combines two of the most romantic bars ever made. Sensual, exotic.....When she asks you to wash her back for her. Amber Sandalwood Vanilla (Sensual, warm, full-bodied and hauntingly mysterious Amber is only one component of this ultra complex yet balanced blend) and Simply Splendiferous (An enchanting blend of black pepper, patchouli and cinnamon. Simply Splendiferous is a love affair between naughty and nice). Both are hand stamped with care using Anhoki's legendary soap stamps!

Chocolate Bliss by Bella Luna Crafts is the ultimate in deep, dark, rich chocolate, with just a hint of cream. Yum! Made using the cold process method with olive, coconut, and palm oils and shea butter. Colored with cocoa powder. Olive oil and shea butter are known to be wonderfully moisturizing, coconut oil helps make a nice fluffy lather and palm oil helps make a hard bar. No parabens, no sulfates or detergents. Your skin will thank you!

Pacific Paradise Soap is offering a wonderful Valentine's Soap Set filled with goodies!! The Trio of Hearts soaps are in calming Cedarwood enriched with shea butter & cocoa butter. Four mini-hibiscus shaped soaps are made from Geranium Lavender essential oils and are enriched with shea butter. Two of the hibiscus are colored light purple. The red centered plumeria shaped soap is in Island Kiss fragrance and it's enriched with shea butter. Give the gift of enjoyable soaps for Valentine's Day. It's like having a Spa Day at home!

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MoonMaidenSoap said...

This all looks wonderful!!! What a great selection of gift ideas for your Valentine from the members of CYA Team. Thanks, BTPF, for putting this together!