Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Clean-Up Your Act team has been going through a bunch of changes in these last few weeks, we have reorganized, changed our name, and have a whole new look!!! We have even have a new philosophy:

The Soap Artisan Friends of Etsy (SAFE) team (formerly CYA team) is a group of soapmakers committed to excellence and best manufacturing practices on etsy. We are open to soapers of all levels, from the hobbyist to the well-established seller, including those who create other bath & body products such as lotions, balms, butters and sprays. We continually strive to perfect our craft and educate ourselves and others about the best practices a soaper must follow both to remain in compliance with FDA laws and to ensure quality products. We are a team that takes great pride in our craft – as it a blend of both science and art.

We are also friends. As such, we value and insist upon respect to all members. We are a world-wide group and run the spectrum of beliefs, cultures, and political leanings, so opinions and personalities will differ - this is expected and respected. We ask that everyone is treated with courtesy and kindness.

Thanks for all of your continued support. We are very excited about the new direction that this team is headed! Stay tuned, we have some great things coming up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


One of our prizes goes to Christian for his funny (though also very sweet) comment:
Valentines day for me means:
- Letting my girlfriend force me into watching period pieces
- Letting my gf gossip about her friends and tell me every little detail of her day and for once, actually pay attention :)
- Buying my gf chocolate, even though she's always on a 'diet' and doesn't want me to, yet it's gone the next day!
- Getting in trouble for picking the 'wrong colored roses'
- Buying the 'naughtiest' card from the store even though I know she'll get mad at me because it's not 'sweet'...but I like to do it just to irritate her a bit :)

Yep, that about sums up every Valentines Day for me!
He is a fellow Etsian that does amazing artwork.
You can check out some of his work at his Etsy shop.

The other prize goes to Angie for her sweet comment:
When the hubby and I were first married,we were very young with a newborn and of course no money, so we developed a tradition that has grown as the girls have.

Instead of the two of us going out and spending enough to house some one in a third world country we stay in.
The table is set with a pink tablecloth, pink dishes all the way down to the forks and spoons!The center peice is the flowers that Daddy always sends his girls at school. At each persons plate is a small gift warpped in fu-fu.
The dinner is always home made and something we wouldn't tradtionally have. This year we are even breaking it down into courses with the main entree being 4 cheese stuffed shells in a scampi sauce seved with home made bread of course!And to drink we have shirley temples, heavy on the extra cherries, served in pink champagne glasses!
We top the night off by watching our favorite romance movies!
Its one of our favorite holidays!

Angie makes some the cutest dolls I have ever seen!
You can find them on her website at http://www.angiesraggedypatch.com/raggedies.html

She also has a great blog that can be found at http://angiesraggedypatch.blogspot.com/

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Welcome to the CYA/SAFE team's
Valentine's Day Giveaway!!
The question is simple:
Do you LOVE Valentine's Day?
Post your comment and you could win a basket filled with some of the CYA/SAFE team's best goodies!! The best part is we will be giving away two baskets filled with soaps, lip balms, candles, perfumes, bath salts and more!!! One for the sweetest answer, and one for the funniest!

These baskets are filled with the best of the best!!
Remeber, one basket goes the sweetest...the other to the funniest...so if you if Valentine's Day is not your thing...this may be the giveaway for you!
The contest will be open until Midnight February 13th. The winners will be announced on Valentine's Day!

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian Residents Only. Remeber to leave your email address or Etsy shop so that we can contact you in the event that you are one of our winners!!
Here are a few of the shops participating in the giveaway!

Good Luck to everyone! And Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Etsyversary Swan Mountain Soaps!!

One of our fearless leaders is enjoying her 1 year anniversary selling on Etsy! Help us make this an anniversary to remember! Her hard work and caring heart help get us through the day...not to mention her shop is gorgeous!!

Stop by her shop and show Swan some love!!

Thank you Swan! Enjoy your day!