Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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o o As The Soap Lathers o o

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Narrator's Voice..(the man behind the 'stash is gone, replaced by anyone who will work for giggles and soap). On today's episode of ATSL, we are exploring reports streaming in from across the nation that women are running amok with weapons.

It has been leaked by a VERY low level source in the new administration, that the Justice Dept will make investigating these reports a marginal priority in the next year

....an undercover grizzly bear in Alaska has reported a 'maniac' toting a 12 gauge threatening anyone who crosses her teamates

....the above 'maniac' has also offered to team up with the Cleveland based baseball bat nut because the snapping of broken leg bones is 'so satisfying'

...reported in LA is the soaper who longs for 'crafts that use chainsaws'

...also from LA reports seeing a crazed woman wearing a hockey mask, packing heat and a most wicked weapon - a diabolical stick blender. She was last seen escaping in a stolen 18 wheeler which witnesses say she drove expertly

...another one has been know to threaten to poke people with 'sharp things' for merely mentioning that they get up early, make a cup of gourmet coffee and take product photos early in the AM

...there are numerous reports of women hacking with butcher knives and ice picks. They claim to be using said weapons to chop cocoa butter & other necessary oils - do they really believe that the government is THAT gullible??

...and there is the report that comes from Tennessee

...A WalMart greeter has told of seeing a woman with a shaved head and some wicked scars cruising the aisles. Investigators will determine if she is a victim of the 'butcher knife' gang

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