Wednesday, January 21, 2009

....Even More Valentine's Goodies!!

Hurry everyone! Valentine's Day is right around the corner! And what points you will get for such a thoughtful gift. Handmade bath products are a favorite of everyone!!!

An amazing blend of earthy, musky Patchouli, and the sweetness of Ylang Ylang. A Breath of French Air has a wonderful Bath Tea set which is sure to take all the stresses of the day and soak them away!
These Bath Tea Bags contain a hefty 1/2 cup of Organic dried flowers, Epsom Salts, Sea Salts, and Pure Essential Oils. These wholesome ingredients are infused in a muslin bag. Simply toss the bag into the bath water while the tub is filling. The Bath Tea will infuse the water with soothing ingredients. Go ahead and pamper yourself!

What is even better than giving your loved one a big kiss on Valentine's bout 3!

This Get Lippy Soap Set by Soap Scent-sations is perfect for everyone on your list! This set includes 4 Chocolate Lip soaps weigh approx 0.5 oz. Each individually wrapped inside an organza bag, ready for giving. Yummy Chocolate scented! These are perfect for giving for Valentine's Day or any day you want to lay a big SMACK on someone special!

The Love Spell Bubble Bar by Indulgent Creations is a twist on traditional bubble bath...Bubble Bars are a solid bubble bath. Crumble half or all of one under running bathwater, enjoy the scent, a tub full of bubbles and the softness on your skin afterwards

This one is a wonderfully romantic blend of mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach, berries with a hint of musk. Perfect for making that day even more special!

There will one more installment of the Etsy CYA Team gift guide!! Stay tuned......

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