Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leaves changing…… Chilly Nights…Camp Fire's Burning……Fall’s in Sight!

Come visit the SafeTeam on Etsy to see the many Fall inspired candles,tarts and bath and body creations.

You will find all types and sytles of scented products when you search SafeTeam Fall

Oh let us help you find the goodies....just click on SafeTeam wherever you see it in this post and it will take you straight to all of our Fall creations.

Grab a chair and a mug of hot apple cider and let me show you just some of the Safe Team offerings all ready for you to take home.

This Pumpkin Pie and Lavender Sugar Scrub looks good enough to eat BUT don't! HeidisHandmades has done her research on what men like and you must read her write up about this scrub....Think I need to get me some!

From LaveMeSoapCo ...Three Yummy Soaps - Autumn Harvest Pumpkin and leaves scented with Pumpkin Apple Butter fragrance
Just the title along makes my mouth water.
OH wait this is soap, not food but I bet it smells as good as it looks.

Warm autumn spice - autumn harvest handmade soap
Just one look at the picture says it all! FALL!

Last but certainly not least we need to make sure all your lips are
kissable in the cool, crisp fall air and you want to make sure you
have plenty on hand...
3 For 7.50 Mega Moisture Lip Smoothie ala Anhoki
What is even better is you get to pick your flavor from her list!

We invite you to come by Etsy and visit all our members' shops. You can always find us
by searching SafeTeam in the Etsy Handmade search box.

Stay tuned for more great items from you favorite Bath & Body creators!!


Swan Mountain Soaps/Christina said...

Well done! Great finds ... but suddenly I am hungry!

innerearthsoaps said...

I've never smelled Pumpkin Apple Butter fragrance before but it sounds fantastic.

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

mmmmm green apple lip balm sounds great

Sandi and Kassy Ramirez said...

Pumpkin Apple Butter tastes wonderful so imagine the scent smells yummo!

I need to order some of the lipbalm for myself...kassy ordered An's body cream and off with your head soaps for me and forgot what mom always has in her pockets lipbalm...Off to shoppe

red bamboo said...

These ALL look great! The hard thing will be deciding what to buy!

Anonymous said...

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