Monday, October 26, 2009


Off with their heads! by Anhoki

Can the queen NOT be nicer? Sheesh. She's got everyone all in a tizzy ALL the time.The decks of cards constantly painting the roses RED.Everyone required to curtsy and say "YES your majesty". C'mon!That poor little white rabbit runs his legs off for her.I wanted to paint the queen in a bit of a different light. I see the queen as one who is misunderstood. One who REALLY just wants a hug and a good cup of tea now and then.When was the last time the King told her he loved her?Or that she looked beautiful in her over the top red dress...Has be complimented her hair...eyes...overly pouty lip? Probably not.See...she just wants to be loved and appreciated. Maybe she will appreciate my interpretation of her. You think?? Nahhhh....OFF with their heads!What is it scented with?? ROSES, OF COURSE!
AND NOW....PICKED AT RANDOM BY RANDOM.ORG.... Pam!!! Also known as scGoddess!!
Yay and congrats to our winners!!!
Your treasures will be delivered to you shortly
Stay tuned everyone!! The last challenge is right around the corner! Check back often so you don't miss your chance to enter and win a bar of soap!!


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Sandi and Kassy Ramirez said...

Congrats and may I say my daughter surprised me with a bar of the winning soap and some of An's amazing body cream! BOTH are wonderful and other daughter stole my winning soap!

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