Saturday, April 11, 2009


Kelly Bloom, of Southern Soapers, will be speaking about Cold Process soaping techniques - including RTCP (room temperature cold process), CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process - aka ITMHP), DWCP (Discounted water cold process method), the saponification process and superfatting, along with soaping with milks and other liquids and more!

Kelly Bloom is the owner of Southern Soapers supplies for soapmakers, voted Supplier of the Year in 2007 by Saponifier Magazine. She also sells her soap on the BloomWorks Natural Soap Co website

Kelly started making soap when she was 19, a poor Navy spouse living in San Diego. She started selling soap on Ebay in 1997 and built the soap side of the business up to a $69,000 a year ebay soap biz, leaving Ebay in 2005 when fees become to high. (She still maintains an Ebay VERO page with the ID of BloomWorkSoapCo.) Her primary soap method of choice has always been CP, with LTCP (Low Temp CP) as her absolute favorite. She pioneered the LTCP method (Low Temp Cold Process), and has a copyrighted article titled "Low Temp Soapmaking ( that anyone can download & read.

Come to the Virtual Soap Symposium on Monday, April 13th at 5 pm EST. Everyone is welcome to attend! You do not have to be a member of the team, but you do have to be a registered etsy user. The virtual labs are located here:, and our event is in the Gallery.

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Nuria said...

Hi, I didn't know your blog and I just found it by chance., I love it.

Sassy Soaps N Such N Always Crafty 2 said...

OH man i missed the VVS I was at yet another dr appt! Nuria this blog is awesome!

Ten Digit Creations said...

Kelly was great! She answered numerous questions and gave lots of information. I for one learned quite a bit from this VSS. It's great being able to talk to other soap makers in the labs. No matter how good you think you are, there's always something new to learn!!