Friday, April 24, 2009


Solid Lotion is a special treat! This one by Soap Scentsations has Natural bee's wax (unbleached, still smells of warm honey) and natural butters packed into each bar for the best moisturizing. Each scent is carefully selected to go well with the natural smell of the bee's wax and of course I offer it in unscented as well. Many people are surprised at how wonderful solid lotions can be...not sticky or greasy, but long lasting moisture that soaks right in. As an added bonus, it is extremely convenient. Each 1 oz bar comes packaged in a metal travel tin that is just the right size for even the smallest of bags. And when your bar is gone (these babies last months!) make sure you save your tin as I offer refills to save in packaging waste and your hard earned $$! Be sure to grab one for each of your bags!

Hansen Soap Co. says people should try out her solid lotion because: It is natural and has wonderful natural Jasmine Flower Wax added to it. Jasmine Flower Wax is derived directly from the Jasmine flower and is absolutely wonderful for the skin. And the natural Jasmine scent is intoxicating! It is like being in a field full of Jasmine flowers. It is so creamy, spreads on beautifully and is not messy because of the portable push-up tube. A little sure goes a long way with this lotion. Just a perfectly divine solid lotion in every way.

And Blissology has a great solid lotion that is perfect for your feet! Footsie Bars are hard lotion bars specifically made to pamper cracked, tired, overworked feet. Beeswax and oils moisturize and condition even the driest skin. Scented with peppermint essential oil, it comes in a twist-up tube so you don't have to get your hands messy.This is Blissology's best-selling item of all time and has fans that just keep coming back for more - for them and everyone else they know! Each bar is only $8.95 and lasts a good long time.


Hansen Soap Co. said...

Great lotions everyone :) Thanks for including me in this!! Great write-up. Yay SAFE Team!

Bliss Mistress said...

Wow - they're all quite different! I love hard lotion!

Sunset Soaps said...

Great blog post, I have been looking in to using lotion bars and taking a stab at making them myslef, these look great!