Friday, March 27, 2009

SAFE Team is proud to introduce

Kayla Fioravanti
as our next speaker in our Virtual Soap Symposium

She will be speaking on the topic of essential oils!

Kayla Fioravanti is the Vice President, Chief Formulator, ARC Registered & Certified Aromatherapist for Essential Wholesale and its lab division Essential Labs. Kayla received her college degree from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She was raised around the world living across the globe from Japan to Germany and studied in Ireland. In United States alone, Kayla has lived in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Maryland, Washington and Oregon. With these experiences, she brings the holistic health that she has learned internationally together with American ingenuity to the products, personal care and cosmetics that she develops.

Wife and mother of three, Kayla runs her company along with her husband Dennis. In 1998, Kayla started creating products in her kitchen using essential oils. Her first glimpse into the world of essential and botanical oils was by means of a personal trial; one of her children had a case of ringworm that would not go away. After trying every over-the-counter ointment and even some prescriptions, she looked into the natural way of healing and discovered essential oils. The ringworm was gone in three days and Kayla was hooked on aromatherapy. She didn’t find any companies that would work with start up businesses or that formulated truly natural bases to add the essential oils to. She and her husband decided to fill the missing nitch by creating Essential Wholesale. Kayla is chemically sensitive and before developing her own cosmetics, she was unable to use personal care items that were labeled “natural”, “unscented” and “hypo-allergenic”. Her goal has always been to stay true to a natural theme and to utilize ingredients that are wholly beneficial to everyone and the environment. Essential Wholesale is open to the public and works with any sized company. Kayla believes that natural living should be readily available to everyone.

Today, Kayla is the go-to-specialist for formulating and supplying information on natural, organic and pure cosmetics and personal care items. She formulates thousands of products including: mineral make up, skin care, body care and products for bath, body, spa, hair, baby and so much more. Through her lab division Essential Labs, Kayla formulates private label products for customers big and small from around the world. Kayla recently earned a spot as a finalist for “Innovation of the Year” by the International Cosmetic Manufactures and Distributors Association. Essential Wholesale, a leader in the industry, was recognized by the INC 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in America; it also supplies raw ingredients, bulk personal care products, mineral make up, and aromatherapy supplies at wholesale prices.

Kayla writes articles for Dermascope Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthetique, New York Metro Parent, Handmade Beauty Business Magazine, HK Magazine Online, Indie Magazine and Total Mom. Kayla has been a guest on Organic Beauty Radio, Indie Radio, KPDQ Northwest Showcase, Good Day Oregon, 104.1 The Fish and Podcast From the Heart. She has been a speaker for Handmade Beauty Network and the 2006 and 2008 Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild Conference. She also writes Essential U News for Essential Wholesale and for the Essential U blog that launched in 2007. Kayla is the driving force behind the Essential U online University, an educational center for aromatherapy, cosmetics, industry standards and business ownership. What matters most to Kayla Fioravanti is teaching others about the wonders of natural and holistic living. Essential U is filled with free information as well as an upcoming 2008 aromatherapy certification program.

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Come to the Virtual Soap Symposium on Monday, March 30th at 5 pm EST.Everyone is welcome to attend! You do not have to be a member of the team, but you do have to be a registered etsy user. The virtual labs are located here:, and our event is in the Gallery.

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Loved the symposium, thanks Safeteam for hosting. it.

Regina said...

That was the first time I'd been to the virtual lab! Quite impressive! Kayla did a fabulous job of informing us on Essential Oils. Also Thanks to much, Christina for hosting!