Sunday, March 22, 2009

SAFE Team is proud to introduce

Kelly Bloom
as our second guest speaker in our Virtual Soap Symposium.

Kelly Bloom is the owner of Southern Soapers supplies for soapmakers, voted Supplier of the Year in 2007 by Saponifier Magazine. She will discuss when it is necessary to use a preservative in your formulations, and she'll give an overview of the different kind of preservative systems available, discussing the pros and cons of each different kind.

Ever wondered ....

* If your lotion needs a preservative system?
* Is there an alternative to using preservatives? What about Vitamin E or grapefruit seed extract?
* If there is there an "all-natural" preservative?
* Why there are so many different kinds of preservatives on the market?
* Why some people feel preservatives are bad? Are preservatives safe?
* How to choose the right preservative for each kind of product you make?
* What exactly does a preservative do, anyway?

If so, come to the Virtual Soap Symposium on Monday, March 23rd at 5 pm EST.

Everyone is welcome to attend! You do not have to be a member of the team, but you do have to be a registered etsy user. The virtual labs are located here:, and our event is in the Gallery.

For further information contact Christina Seine at

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