Friday, November 7, 2008

Creating Space... ♥

The more we make, the more storage space we need. Places to put supplies, the bars of soaps and other wonderful sudsy things in our B&B line, places to store empty containers that will someday be used, shipping supplies, packaging supplies, promotional materials, oodles and oodles of fragrances and oils, etc. etc. etc. The list just keeps getting bigger, and so does the need for space to store it all.

But what if you don't have any more space to put things? Sure you do! Sometimes it's a matter of looking at the space you have and perhaps rearranging furniture, to make room for yet, one more piece. And sometimes it's a matter of thinking outside the box... or better yet... IN the box.

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Use the space above and below your table tops. Get yourself bookshelves that can be hung in layers up to the ceiling and storage units that fit below. Take a piece of furniture that might have otherwise been used for something else entirely, and turn it into a soap storing haven. How about an old dresser? Maybe a buffet table, or a hutch. Maybe some shoe boxes that stack nicely and decoratively on your new book shelves? Plastic crates are also great because they can often be found at the dollar store, and they stack wonderfully on top of each other, yet you can still see what's inside each bin.

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Hang spools of ribbon and twine on a paper towel roll. Use old canning jars to store dry ingredients, so you can see clearly what's in each without really needing to look. Label them too of course. There are so many simple ways to stretch our storage spaces into the most that they can be... but the first step is getting truly organized. Having a place for everything, and everything in it's place.

Sometimes the holiday season is the last time you might want to think about a thing like this, there's so much else to do! But, the truth is, that if you take a day or a weekend, or even a week, to really get organized... you might find that your holiday season alone will run so much smoother, having everything organized nicely, and accessibly.

Have a wonderful weekend all, and let's get organized!!


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