Friday, November 14, 2008

Coming Soon - CYA Team Holiday Gift Buying Guide!

Be on the look out for a post coming soon with the Holiday Gift Buying Guide - brought to you by the members of CYA Team on Etsy!

There will be a vast selection of Bath & Body Product Gift Recommendations from the talented members for you to shop from for your gift-giving needs this holiday season!

Here's just a LITTLE sampling of the many great items CYA Team is currently offering ... be sure to search CYA Team in tags/titles to see all of our wonderful items!


AmplifyMe Soap Co. said...

That's a beautiful set of pics. Great job! :)


Bright and colorful, thanks for creating this.

SpottedCow said...

Very nice. Thank you for putting this together.

MoonMaidenSoap said...

Keep your eyes peeled for the full gift guide that will be coming later tomorrow!