Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun tips for the Weekend!

One of the things I love most about being right brained is, having the ability to look at something, get an idea from it, and create something else entirely... all from a simple glimpse at something I've seen.

Now you might be saying... I make soap, I'm not an artist... Au contraire' my friends, soap makers are artists too! In such a variety of ways at that! We play with fragrances and colors, and packaging and presentation all the time. Many of those things require some artistic ability.

But let's take it one step further. What about when you go shopping, and you see a gal carrying around a shopping bag that catches your attention? One that comes to mind for me, is Victoria Secret. Even if you've never shopped there in your life, you probably know the pink striped gift bag from a mile away right? Why not do that ourselves, when it comes to doing holiday shows, craft bazaars, art festivals and the like.

A simple and fun idea found on the Martha Stewart website brought me to thinking... Why don't we make great looking bags to package our things up in, for when we sell at shows. Create a buzz, get people wondering where we are, what we sell... and don't they want some too?!

It can be as simple as stamping your brand or logo on a paper lunch sack, a cute colored gift bag, or even better yet, canvas market totes that people can use again. There are always fun and inexpensive foam stamps at the craft store, and a simple tube of acrylic craft paint runs around a dollar... Or better yet, print up some stickers with your fancy label designs on them, and change them up in such a way that they dress up a simple gift bag perfectly!

Hope this idea inspires you, and makes for a fun weekend project that the whole family can enjoy.

Have a great weekend all!!


P.S. If you do, or have done any projects like this, I'd love to see them posted on our flickr page!


Swan Mountain Soaps said...

Janelle, that is a great idea! You have inspired me. I am getting ready to do a show next weekend, and I have been thinking about dressing up a few items as gift sets.

I love the apple prints. We do that with the kids every now and then and it always comes out so nice!

earthtonesbath said...

I was always wondering how to jazzy up a lunch bag. I get them from the dollar store but had no idea how I was going to get cute little simple images or my name or logo on them. I tried the printer but that didn't go so well. You have inspired me. I was at Michael's the other day and was looking at all the nice stamps they had there, but couldn't put two and two together that I needed paint too. Thanks for that!

Alwayscrafty2 said...

awesome suggestions! I don't do off line shows but would love to use this idea when shipping orders.
Off to stamp.