Friday, October 10, 2008

Bath Cookies...

I was clicking around a website that I just recently found... and they had a list of bath & body craft projects... one of those was how to make bath cookies. Now this isn't something I had on my list of things to try, but after looking at how simple the recipe was, and then, you know me... going for the right brain and thinking what 'else' we could do with this recipe, it came to me.

Cookie Cutters!! You could of course use cookie cutters, rather than simply making round ordinary cookies, but you could really go so much further than just festive holiday style cookies with this idea too. Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary party favors, Promos, and more!

Cookie cutters are available in so many shapes and sizes, and even better yet, us soapers are often crafty enough to try different containers for soap molds... get creative and find fun things to use for cookie cutters too, ay?

Hope you have fun with this one... another great project for the whole family!

Have a great weekend all!



Patrick said...

you know what? i was thinking of using a cutter for soaps since i could not find a holiday mold i like. the funny thing is my boss asked me monday if she wanted me to grab some molds she saw at linens and things. lol. i have everyone supporting my shop!

Patrick said...

omgosh! this is angela aka lave! i am using patrick, my husband's laptop! hhahahah!

Anonymous said...

haha Angela, no worries hun!

DreamersWeb said...

This is a very simple if only I didn't already have 900 project ideas in the works! LOL I agree though there are NOT many good holiday molds out there right now.