Thursday, May 12, 2011

MEET THE TEAM - Anhoki's Place

Grab a cup o'joe and meet Anhoki! And then run over to her shop for some great goodies!!!

Tell us a bit about yourself. (family, location, etc.)

I'm Anhoki. I make up half of the Anhoki's Place team. The other half is my husband John (Dr. John to the masses). John and I have known each other for 20 years, married for 15 years in May and have two girls ages 9 and 10. Oh....we also have two Pomeranians (ages 10 and soon to be 15), two cats (13 and 14) and a fish named Gary. :~) We live in middle Tennessee. Tennessee is not my ideal location (I'd rather be at the beach) but it is where our family are and that's why we're here.

Where did you get your name?
Giggle. Over the years I've been told my name is "so exotic" and "so unique". Bunnie's Workshop came about because John used to call me Bunnie. My Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit. I love fuzzy bunnies. Squeeee. Anhoki is a play on my first, middle and last names. You should try it. Some can come up with some pretty unique nicknames this way. :~)
What is your inspiration?
Why are you asking such difficult questions? Sheesh. My inspiration comes from life in general. I am inspired by my family. I'm inspired by the world around me. I love to watch people. I am fascinated by people and the world in general. It's a pretty amazing world we live in.

What is your best seller & why
My best seller??? That's tough. I have several "best" sellers.
Dude soap is extremely popular. It's fun, smells great, and John made an AWESOME stamp for it.

Locally and within my online circle my phunkie candles are very popular.
I would love to sell custom candles like this on Etsy. I think most folks are afraid of the massive size of them though.
My deodorant is becoming very popular AND it makes you smell good. What's better than that?

Where else can we find you
John and I have our own website

Are you involved in any other Etsy teams
Etsy Project Embrace, Etsy Moms, Military Brats. I am involved with several teams buy my heart is with SAFETeam.

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