Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This week we meet Sue of The Skin You're In.
Grab a cup of coffee and get to know her!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Sue Dixon, my husband, Mark and I live in Van Nuys, CA which is fairly close to Los Angeles. Together we have three kids from ages 16 to 29, 3 grandsons and a cat named Nikki.

How did you get started?

I got started making bath and body products when I met my husband, sold my house and moved to Van Nuys. My skin did not like this new environment and became very dry with serious eczema. Someone suggested handmade products and maybe that would help. I bought some products and knew immediately I could do this myself. I bought a soap rebatch kit on Ebay, joined some yahoo soapmaking groups and was instantly hooked. The rebatching kit did not quench my thirst and decided to make my own from scratch. Lotions came next and then branched out to other bath products as well. I had been making products for over a year and a half when my family told me I should start selling it and here I am.

Where did you get your name?
I was making a list of names that seemed to fit where I wanted to take this endeavor and since skin is really what it's all about, I decided to start there. I used to do a lot of driving back and forth to Long Beach to see my daughter and her family and the name came to me while driving home one day. I immediately filed the Fictitious Business name, and searched Ebay for graphic designers to make me a logo. Four years ago I took things to the next level and filed for a trademark on the name and the logo.

Are you involved in any other Etsy teams?

Right now, other than SAFE Team, I belong to California Crafters Club of Etsy, Wild, Wise and Witty Grandmamas of Etsy and my newest group is called Etsy Talent Hunt.

What is your best advice for someone just starting out in the soaping/B&B field?
My best advice for someone wanting to learn how to make soap and other B&B products is to join at least one Etsy team of other soapers and a few Yahoo soaping groups as these groups can all be a wealth of information. Read, research, test, test, test, research, read and then test some more. You will find your niche, what inspires you, what gets under your skin and keeps you motivated.


Kristi said...

Love this and how you came to your name!

soaperie said...

Great story and its nice to know more about a Safeteam member.

Amelia's Soap Co. said...

I loved all of your wise advice! AND I especially love that you are my teammate!! :)