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The SAFEteam Valentine's Day Challenge!

Our latest challenge.....forbidden love
Check out how the SAFEteam interprets this theme. Then vote below in the comments for your favorite! One lucky commenter will win the winning entry!!
(remember to leave a way for us to find you!)
Happy Voting! and Happy Valentine's Day!

After defeating the Irish knight Morholt, Tristan goes to Ireland to bring back the fair Iseult for his uncle King Mark to marry. Along the way, they ingest a love potion that causes the pair to fall madly in love. Although Iseult marries Mark, she and Tristan are forced by the potion to seek one another out.
The king resolves to punish them but Tristan escapes on his way to the stake by a miraculous leap from a chapel and rescues Iseult. The lovers escape into the forest of Morrois and take shelter there, forever entwined, forbidden lovers.

This 6 oz. artisan soap reflects this story, with its rosy blush of their cheeks, with an underlying tone of black corruption. It symbolizes its fresh innocent parfum using a custom blend of lemongrass and sage, essential oils of lime, patchouli and litsea.

A beautiful and romantic heart soap with lovely vintage scroll details that may tell a story. Perhaps a complex scandalous forbidden love of old times past with passionate love, lust and many love letters. A perfect valentine day indulgence for that special and mysterious goddess!

Rapture is an enchanting blend of pure botanical essences.

This perfume oil is inspired by the magic of love and romance. Conveniently packaged in a 1/3 fl oz roll-on bottle. Take it with you, wherever you go for quick touch ups.

The scent of Rapture begins with top notes of sweet orange and tantalizing pink grapefruit. Layered florals of comforting lavender, sensuous ylang ylang and exotic jasmine intertwine with base notes of romantic sandlewood, vanilla and patchouli.

Rapture is predominately a floral scent, sweet, with a hint of citrus, vanilla and powdery sandlewood.

Sensuous and rich. The kind of love that makes you shudder–that makes your breath quicken with anticipation. Forbidden Love. You’ll want to touch your lips to it.

You know it’s creamy, sumptuous, and smooth. It’s strong and just a bit bitter. A true aphrodisiac. The endorphins released just by the cravings of dark chocolate are the same as as falling in love.

You’ve always wanted to swim in chocolate. To bathe in it. To wrap yourself up in everything chocolate. Now you can.

Calorie free and made with cocoa butter and real cocoa powder for a super rich dark chocolate experience!

House of Windsor Soap By Amelia's Soap

Soon the pageantry of a British royal wedding will light up the world! But did you know the early 20th century witnessed a noble wedding that, in a very real sense, was “f . o . r . b . i . d . d . e . n ”?

It was the proposed marriage of King Edward VIII to an American divorcee in 1936, shortly after Edward ascended to the throne at the death of his father, King George V. (as in the recent movie)

When King Edward announced his intention to marry American Wallis Simpson, it was met with great outcry. Understanding that his proposed wife would never be accepted and his status as monarch would be ruined, he acknowledged his marriage was “forbidden” and abdicated the throne. So, after a reign of only 325 days, King Edward became known as the Duke of Windsor.

I would like this soap to actually be a celebration of the House of Windsor. It reflects the colors one would most often see at magnificent Windsor Castle --- the golds, beiges, and browns. The glittery gold swirls and colored layers of the soap are elaborate and sumptuous, like the portraits and wall hangings within the Castle itself.

Rather than remembering a “Forbidden Love,” let’s enjoy the festivities soon to come from this happy and remarkable event!

(And PLEASE tell my husband it’s NOT a waste of time to watch the wedding. It’s a lot better than a football or basketball game!)

Forbidden Love celebrated by a Marriage of Ocean and Plumeria Heart Soaps in an Ivory Organza Valentines Gift Bag by Pacific Paradise Soap

Thank goodness this magnificent alluring moisturizing soap is not as forbidden as the secret marriage ceremonies given by Saint Valentine during the tumultuous times of the Roman Empire. Back then there was a ban on marriage, and the kindly bishop Valentine realized the injustice of the decree. Even though he was impressive by his dignity and conviction, Valentine was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion on February 14, 270 AD. Thus 14th February became a day for all lovers and Valentine became its Patron Saint. I’m glad it’s not forbidden how good this Valentine’s Gift Bag of Handcrafted Soap smells. A beautiful ivory organza bag is filled with a marriage of Plumeria and Ocean handcrafted luxurious heart soaps. The 4.1 ozs of soap include 3 Plumeria heart soaps enriched with Shea butter and Mango butter, 2 hearts beat as 1 Plumeria soap enriched with Shea butter and Mango butter and a Blue Pacific Ocean Waves heart soap enriched with Mango butter. Let the joy that life can contain unfold itself for you.

Neapolitan Whip Cream Soap
by The Skin You're In

When you think of "forbidden love" you think of a love that is taboo, a love you can only dream about. For me, this challenge brought to mind things that are exquisite, things that I love the most and one of those things is a box of chocolate covered cherries. Here is a jar of chocolate covered cherries that will not create even one ounce of fat. Neapolitan Whip Supreme Cream Soap smells like chocolate covered cherries. This layered delicacy begins with a layer of cream soap colored with dark cocoa powder. The next layer is creamy white and the final top layer is colored with rose clay. This scent is rich, sweet cherries which brings out the scent of the cocoa powder and extra cocoa butter added to the whip. It's dreamy, decadent and smells delicious. Love, yes....forbidden, not any more!

Love Lost by Swan Mountain Soaps

"Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds. Or bends with the remover to remove. Oh no! It is an ever fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken."
- Shakespeare

In the farthest corner of your Great Aunt's attic, in an old trunk filled with bits of lace and old quilts and a handkerchief or two, lies a packet of old letters. They are tied with a silk ribbon and yellowed with age. "Oh they're nothing," she says. Yet, as she holds them to her chest for a moment before setting them aside, you wonder ...

Who was the man that even now brings a tear to the old woman's eye? Some World War II soldier that lies under the sand at Normandy? Someone she met abroad? Certainly this Lost Love is the reason she never married ...

Our Lost Love soap pays tribute to the bittersweet loves that never grow to maturity. The ones that live on only in memories and shattered dreams.

Intrigue Perfume by Anhoki

February 14, 1942. It was a Saturday. There was a dance at the local community center and everyone was going to be there. I didn't want to go but Peggy made me. She said it would be great... a night we'd never forget. She was right. It was cold. After a few minutes I was ready to leave. I said my hellos and good-byes and made my way to the door. Our eyes locked an that was it. You, in a pink tie, walked up and asked me to dance. Blushing I declined but you insisted. A few minutes turned into forever. The war. Your plan went down in the Pacific and everyone assumed you were dead. Days turned to years.

Fifty-six years have passed and the community center is now a rose garden. A tribute to those lost in the war. Here is where Peggy and I spend Valentines Day. She's the sister I never had. This year Valentines Day is also on a Saturday. We prune the roses, pull weeds, spray for bugs. I'm tending to my favorite Elizabeth Taylor rose bush when I see a gentleman picking one of the roses. Peggy grabs my hand because she knows I want to say something. You slowly turn around and hands me the rose. Peggy faints and I'm left standing there as if seeing a ghost. many questions. Before I can speak you take me in your arms and the world stops once more. Forbidden Love....I think not.

Intrigue is a highly concentrated and rich blend of warm amber, dark vanilla, spicy clove, earthy cedar and patchouli. Our oils, absolutes, waxes and resins are married, aged and then added to a base of virgin coconut, jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil.

Verona Natural Perfume Oil
by Life Soap Simple

"O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father, and refuse thy name:
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet."

Love forbidden before they were even born, fair Juliet and her Romeo, from two rivaling houses of Verona. Their love was unstoppable, a love deep, resonating, and tragic.

Verona perfume oil captures the sweet, youthful romance of Romeo and Juliet with its deep floral essences and earthy, musky, and spicy notes hint at tragedy. Only in Verona does love go so deep it hurts.


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Oh my goodness! I loved reading all these descriptions! Well done team!!

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I vote for the 'Forbidden love' because I love patchouli and my little nephew's name is Tristan too. But most of all, I guess the best way to overcome a Valentine when the one you love is not for you - 'forbidden' - is a nice hot soak with a luxurious scented soap!. :)
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Definately Forbidden Love.

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They are all wonderful! My vote goes to Goddess of Love.

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