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The Splendor of Autumn the Safeteam way.

We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves. The changing fall foliage never fails to suprise and delight us. Just like the wonderful colors nature provides us, at this time of year, so does our Safeteam. We are as different as the trees that cause the wonderful scenes you can see, while out for an Autumn Walk. We are all from different parts of the country, so we all witness a different scene, as our Summer's fade away to Winter, via Fall. In this challenge, our wonderful soapers were asked to reveal what they witness outside their own front door. We have from North, to South, to East, and to West just for your delight and pleasure. Please read through this entire blog, and admire and read about every soap and soap maker, then leave a comment at the end giving your vote for your favorite. A winner will be chosen at random from the comments for the most popular soap. Go ahead and enjoy each and every soap, leave your vote, then wait to see if you get to actually win your favorite bar. Go ahead and indulge and good luck.

Fall to me is pumkin picking! No question! And YAY! The pumkins are early this year! I already have a stash beautifying by backyard deck. Can't wait to make them into some soup (I have already made them into soap) I think I have an addiction!

So, as you can see, this soap was inspired by my favorite fall farmers market treat...the Pumpkin! And the scent smells like the walk you take after you have picked your pumpkin and have grabbed your hot cider and are checking out what tree you might like to have come winter!

Fall in the Rocky Mountains:
Vibrant colors of gold, yellow, oranges and red in contrast to white bark of the Aspen trees and the dark green of the Pines.
Cool crisp air
Shorter days
Cozy fires
Crunch of the leaves
Scents of holidays

Scent: Warm, spicy scent of pumpkins!

Autumn in Alaska means rain, rain, rain. Fall comes quickly and doesn’t last long – by mid-August the leaves are turning and by September there is frost in the garden and Termination Dust (snow) on the mountaintops. It’s a mad rush to prepare for winter, whether you’re stocking the pantry with blueberry jelly and putting freshly-dug potatoes and carrots into the root cellar, or you’re a bear fattening up on salmon to prepare for a long winter’s hibernation. The swans teach their young ones to fly as moose chomp frantically on everything left that’s still green. Alaskans chop wood and go moose hunting, mend last year’s snow gear and await that first snowfall that will transform everything into a silent world of white. It won’t be long now … snow is usually on the ground by the first week of October.

The Woodcutter soap embodies the quiet rush that is Autumn in Alaska. Scented with bay rum, this soap has a warm, spicy quality that will make you want to snuggle up under a warm quilt and a cup of hot tea on a rainy afternoon. Men will love it, and so will the women who get near them.

My area of Southern California is called Lake Balboa which is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of the City of Los Angeles. Even though we have yet to see any changing leaves into spectacular gold and orange colors, you can tell that cooler temperatures are on the horizon. We will see a vivid array of golden yellows, burnt umber, oranges of varying degrees and toasted browns. Our street is lined with beautiful magnolia trees and many other varieties of huge old trees with leaves that gradually change with the cooling temperatures and eventually drop to the ground, forming a carpet of of fall colors. It really is spectacular to see.

My Pumpkin Butter Autumn Harvest soap is made with Organic, sustainable Palm Oil, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Mango butter and Cocoa Butter. It is scented with a delicious variety of pumpkin pie spices, rich and delectable! The skin safe colorants of orange, yellow and burnt umber depict the colors of the leaves in deep Autumn and the brown represents the rich and fertile soil.

We live in the midwest, so we get some beautiful Fall colors. This soap was made to celebrate the Fall colors we get to experience in our area. The scent used in this soap, is so vibrant and perfect for a fall walk, while enjoy all the wonders that nature provides. This scent is fresh, green, woodsy, earthy, and way off in the distance, you feel you can just smell someone burning leaves. This scent encompasses all the scents you smell while out for a wonderful fall walk. The swirl in this soap reminds me of a windy Autumn day, where you are getting glimpses of the fall colors from swirling leaves.

As with all of our Luxurious Soaps, they are made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and Shea Butter. This soap will clean your skin with a wonderful lather, but it won't dry out your skin like commercial soaps. With Real soap made the cold process way, all of the natural forming glycerin is where it should be, right there in your soap.

This listing is for one bar that can weigh anywhere between 5 and 5.5oz.
If you would like more, just drop us a convo, and we will make you a listing to suit your needs.


The Southeast region is filled with beautiful color. From the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the Everglades in Florida and marshes of Louisiana the South has something for just about everyone. Miles and miles of farm land, forests filled with every color under the sun. Nature trails filled with native wildlife just as curious about you as you are of them. Watch out for that bear. I love when the leaves begin to change and fall. The oranges and red are breathtaking...almost like a Bob Ross painting. Hop in the convertible and take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway....OR... take a boat trip to the Gulf or South Georgia and Florida. Soak it all in. It's pretty awesome.
Changing Seasons was inspired by my love for the Fall/Autumn season. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The changing leaves, cooler temperatures, wildlife preparing for hibernation. It's amazing to watch.
The scent used for Changing Seasons is a custom blend created specifically for this soap. Earthy, wholesome and warm describes it best. Cedar wood, Dragon's Blood and Sandalwood come together to create a blend which perfectly describes Fall for me.
Made with olive, coconut, palm and canola oils each bar weighs at least 5.35 ounces. Happy Fall.

Bubble Tub Soaps
Behold the beauty of autumn and it's many colors. Here in Canada we are in full brilliance in September/October for gorgeous greens, oranges, reds and all colors in between. This soap is created to honor fall and all her glory!
The glycerin leaf is scented with 3 different fragrances:
Green is a fresh spruce meadow
Red is a crisp apple scent
Orange is pumpkin and spice
The outer body of the soap is made with creamy shea flecked with organic parsley to create a beautiful picture of the leaves settling in the grass. No fragrance was used in the outer body, as you use the bar you will notice the light fall fragrances coming out of the glycerin leaves.

Each bar weighs a hefty 5-6 ounces.


Shelia said...

Love the description !!!!!!!!!

Terry Drosdak said...

As usual, all the challenge soaps look AMAZING. If I had to choose one, I'd choose Thistle Delight's delicate swirls. Great job San! :)

Christine-Posh Wash Soap said...

These soaps are all gorgeous! If I have to pick though, I really love Thisltle Delight's "Swirling Leaves". You all did a wonderful job! <3 <3 <3

Gourmet Soaps said...

It's so hard to choose when they are all beautiful w/ tantalizing descriptions. My vote goes to BTPF. I love the colors. It really speaks to me. and it sounds like it's saying, "buy me".

The Skin You're In said...

Man alive!!! How can we possibly only choose one??? My vote goes to Lily Pond Soaps because I LOVE pumpkin pie and her Pumpkin Spice soap looks good enough to eat!!!

thistle delight said...

everyone did an awesome job as always. Go Team, go Team, go Team

Aunt Nancy said...

Beautiful! They are ALL beautiful!

I vote for Beyond The Picket Fence 's lovely Fall Harvest soap. Looks lovely, sounds like it smells lovely!

Concord Soap said...

I vote for San's Swirling Leaves! Beautiful!

Heidi said...

Thistle Delight's Swirling Leaves gets my vote. Very nice!

Jennifer said...

Hard to make a choice, but I'd have to go with Swan Mountain Soaps. Beautiful looking bar of soap.

GetLathered said...

Beautiful work, team ~~all wonderful!

TheFrogBag said...

These all look wonderful! I'm originally from the south so I think I'd have to choose the Anhoki. But I kind of want them all!

Drew said...

My vote is for Lily Pond Soaps, I love Pumpkin Spice. :)

Buffie said...

My vote is for Lily Pond soaps. I love pumpkin pies in the fall, and to me my favorite dessert at Thanksgiving.

Bonnie's Beginings said...

My vote is for lily pond soaps, my favorite is pumpkin pie!!

Barb said...

my vote is for lily pond soaps love the pumkin spice.. :)

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k said...

I love the pumpkin one

k said...

I love pumpkin it looks soo cooll

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I pick sugar plum by green springs!