Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day Challenge & Giveaway

Fathers Day is June 20th this year.

We want to celebrate Dad by showing off how he likes to spend the afternoon/evening.
Does the father figure in your life like sports?
Does he like to dabble in the garden, hunt or fish?
Is he a poker player, gamer, or does he love to watch the back of his eyelids?

The Rules:
Tell us the story of the father figure in your life. YES you can do it in your product and you do NOT need to submit a poem. Although a whimsical description couldn't hurt. :~)

Your Job:

Pick your favorite!
All you have to do is leave a comment stating your favorite!

While you are at it...tell us a bit about your dad, grandfather, uncle, or any other father figure you may have...we love a good story :~)

Voting will end on Monday June 14th!

Your prize:

The winning item! So pick wisely!

Are you the man (or woman) who loves to ride a bike --- the kind with a powerful engine and polished chrome (or do you know someone who does)?! Well, this is my husband's favorite thing to do ... he actually came up with the name of this soap. And he would say this about a motorcycle ....

The metal flake paint job --- well, it grabs your attention. Your bike is truly a thing of beauty! That motorcycle has to look and sound perfect …. ready to ride …. hit the road …. wind in your face.

At the end of the day, it’s time to take off your leathers, clean up, crack open a beer, and relax …. think back over your awesome day …. vroom, vroom …. very, very nice.

Blue Pacific Ocean Waves by Pacific Paradise Soap

Our family use to have a vacation home at Sea Ranch. We would go for walks along the beach and watch the Blue Pacific Ocean Waves & sometimes spot wildlife. We would always see squirrels, many times deer, and occasionally whales at the right time of year.

My loving Father likes to work hard in the garden, at the lathe, make puzzles, cook exotic meals, enjoy a glass of good wine, solve sudoku, relax, have a beer, go for hikes & walk on the beach. This soap was made for the Father's Day SAFEteam challenge & to celebrate my Dad enjoying the Ocean Waves of the Blue Pacific. It has swirls of three different shades of blue and is scented with Ocean fragrance.

BLEU beard leave in conditioner. total care for your Daddy's face by The Soap Gallery

Father- another word for LOVE.

I remember when my dad used to take all us kids out camping.. we'd all be relaxing in our tent ( for some reason it was ALWAYS raining!) listening to the soothing noises outside our little universe. During the day we'd go fishing and biking. Little did we realize how much hard work my Dad put into our little trips - everything always seemed to run smoothly (in spite of the rain, of course!) and we always had a great time! I didn't notice (till later) that Dad always came home with quite the wiry beard, and smell of the outdoors. But, boy did my MOM notice! This inspired The Soap Gallery's latest creation, the beard conditioner!

Make Daddy's kisses a little softer with our new line of beard conditioner. I know Mommy will love it too!!

For the discerning gentleman who may have a dry skin condition under your well-groomed beard, we offer BLEU - our men's line of 100% delicious 100% manly bodycare. Just spray on as needed. Full of essential oil, vitamins, silk amino acids and proteins, it will leave your beard soft and touchable and the skin underneath conditioned.

Quietly Distinguished...Olive Oil Handmade Cold Processed Soap...For ALL DAD'S by Thistle Delight

This Soap is in honor of my Late Dad in time for Father's Day. My Dad was a very well thought of and admired man. He was a wonderful husband and Dad. He worked and lived just for his family. He was a very proud man, and very proud of his family too. He was always smart and well groomed. When I think of my Dad, he was always in a shirt and tie, even when dressing casual, he would wear a nice checked shirt, and one of his ties. This soap was made because of a challenge my team, SAFETEAM, was having. We wanted to make a soap that honored our Father's or Father figures in our lives.

What better way to celebrate the wonderful men in our lives, but to honor them in one of our wonderful soaps. Just like the wonderful Father's in our lives, they protected us, and our soap helps protect our skin from nasty dry skin {:oD

This soap is scented with Distinguished, which is another soap here in my store. It is quietly sexy, and very sophisticated too.

Indestructible by Anhoki

Meet Gellie. Cute, isn't she? With her pink piggtails and fashionable wardrobe she is definitely easy on the eyes. Gellie is a gnome. She is a magician who dabbles in Alchemy and Herbalism. WHAT does this mean, anyway??? Well....She is a magician which means she is very very intelligent, wise and spiritual. Gellie loves to cast spells, make healing potions and witches brew. After receiving request after request for an Indestructible spell she traveled far and wide in search of such an item. Alas, no luck.

One day Gellie, very perplexed, was setting in her favorite brew pub when along came Oddjob and Targalf. VERY "interesting" and friendly dudes, indeed.

Oddjob is one who is standoffish, shy and seemingly insignificant at first. Oddjob is all that and a bag of gems all wraped up in a tiny little package. Targalf is the outdoorsey type. He is one who has been everywhere and seen everything. If you are lost, in need of directions, or want to know the name of that dude who makes those awesome enchanted rings he is the go to dude.

Gellie, down on her luck, explained her situation to the two with little hope of positive outcome.

Targalf flashed a sly grin and encouraged the other two to join him on a mission of discovery.

Off they went, traveling the countryside in search of the herbs, spices and elements to make the ever so desired Indestructible Potion. Word quickly spread throughout the land. Folks from near and far traveled with the hopes of getting even a vial of the Indestructible potion. This is the good stuff. The stuff that makes you invinsible to dragons, monsters, wizards, magicians, you name it. NOTHING can touch you once you've drank the magic potion.

Along the way Gellie, Oddjob and Targalf opened up about themselves and came to know many interesting things about eachother.

Gellie, an orphan has always wanted to find her parents

Oddjob, a loner, has always wanted to find someone who "gets him". Targalf...well, he's old enough (but not "too" old) that he just doesn't care. He wants to get things done and not really mess around with too much drama.

After comparing notes Gellie found out that Targalf IS her father. Gellie was kidnapped by an evil Tauren as an infant never to be heard from again. Gellie and Targalf were pleased to have found each other. An instant bond took place. Targalf became VERY protective of Gellie and let everyone know...you DON'T mess with Gellie...his little girl. :~)

Throughout their journey all three could feel a force that was pulling Gellie and Oddjob closer together. After 5 months of traveling through dragon guarded kingdoms and serpent filled waters the Ingredients were finally gathered and Gellie could make the magical Indestructible potion. Oddjob made his feelings known to Targalf and received approval of the "marriage". Unbeknownst to Gellie and Oddjob it had been foretold that Gellie would come across, fall in love with and marry a gnome called Oddjob. In the end they married and had two little Druids....Babbles and Hoppy.... forever to torment Targalf and have him flash that sly little grin.

As you can tell Anhoki's dad (Targalf) and Mr John (Oddjob) LOVE to play WOW (World Of Warcraft) every chance they get. It is not uncommon for them to play for hours and hours and stay up until both are holding their eyes open with toothpicks. Anhoki (Gellie) doesn't play WOW but they are trying ever-so-hard to get her involved.

Whilst it may not be possible for a Dwarf to father a Gnome I CAN tell you this soap is wrapped around an actual potion found in the WOW game. The Indestructible Potion will increase your armor by 3500 for 2 minutes therefore making you Indestructible. Pretty awesome. The Indestructible SOAP is pretty awesome too. Made with olive, coconut, palm, canola and shea it is scented a VERY magical blend of black pepper, amber and cedar. Usage of Indestructible SOAP will make one feel and act Indestructible but we do not recommend leaping over buildings or attempting to hault speeding trains or planes. Happy Fathers Day. May yours also be magical and enchanting.


Dad's Sea Cruise Soap by Posh Wash Soap

Help your favorite Dad escape with this fantastic ocean wave soap, with the scent of fresh sea air. The Dad in my life's favorite way to relax is on a fabulous sea cruise. With this soap in his bath, he can go there everyday!

For Dad

Our fathers toil with hands and heart
to make our lives complete.
They quietly brave the winter cold,
and endure the summer heat.
Our fathers' lives are busy,
but there's always time for us.
They boldly face the ups and downsand seldom ever fuss.
Our fathers are the greatest dads;
we know you know this, too.
And here's your chance to inspire escape,
from all his stress and strife.

This is a large bar, handcut and weighing about 4.25 ozs. The color is ocean blue, with swirls and curls of white on the top to resembele sea foam and waves.

Ingredients Include: Coconut oil, Palm oilSafflower oil, Glycerine (kosher vegan), Shea butter, Purified water, Sodium hydroxide (a saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Soybean protein (conditioner), Ocean Rain fragrance oil

Filthy Hands By Little Batch

Filthy Hands Vegan Handcrafted Cold Process Hand Soap Bar with Fuller's Earth and Fine Pumice

My dad's a quirky guy. He loves to get dirty. Never in my life have I seen my dad with really, really clean hands. There's always been something smudged on his hands or stuck under his fingernails. He used to be a roofer, so for most of my childhood he had black tar permanently stuck under his nails and in the lines of his hands. His pastimes... yard work, home improvements (mild ones), hunting... all translate into making messes. I made this soap for him and all the guys like him (including my husband) who consistently have filthy hands!

My husband and I have used this soap to successfully remove from hands: paint (dry and wet), tar, oil, grease, dirt, mud, and grass stains. It's lightly scented with satsuma (a sweet citrus) scent.

Fuller's earth is a natural clay known for its grease-busting qualities. Finely ground pumice is a natural exfoliant for scrubbing.

Olive oil makes a luxurious bar of soap that helps your skin retain its natural moisture, and draws moisture to your skin. Coconut oil adds substantial lathering power. Palm oil cleans well but is also mild. I use only organic, sustainably-harvested oils for my soaps.

Camouflaged By The Skin You're In

My father was such a hardworking man. He was the lead custodian at a local elementary school for several years prior to retiring. In his younger years he served first in the Navy then in the Air Force. He retired as a Staff Sergeant just prior to our impending transfer to Italy. For a period of time, after his military retirement, he worked as a chef at Cesar's Palace. Then when California beckoned the family, he took a job at Knott's Berry Farm as a trolley car driver and as a child that was my all time favorite job. He was so cute in his uniform. He held many different jobs for the benefit of his family that would allow his wife, my mom, to be able to stay home and care for us kids. I love you Dad and I miss you every day!!

I've had and still have many hard-working men in my life, my husband, my son, my brothers and I know for a fact how they can get so involved in their everyday activities.

I made this soap for the men in my life who are hard working, hard playing and can get really greasy and grimy. This cold process soap is made with Coconut Oil, Lard, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Castor Oil. The brown, black and green Military looking colors are made with oxides and I chose these colors as an ode to my Father's military careers. The scent is an essential oil blend that smells a bit like root beer and is said to be wonderful for achy muscles. The soap will get the grime out and the scent will sooth away the soreness of the day.

Happy Father's Day!

Father Knows Best by Metropolis Body

"Don't worry, Daddy's here to take out the trash!"

Made JUST for Fathers Day, our newest limited edition vegan artisan soap! Father Knows Best is created with activated charcoal to help draw out dirt and toxins from the skin. The scent is an exclusive blend of herbal eucalyptus and fresh Virginian cedarwood to create a deep, relaxing scent

Blueberries and Sunshine soap by Swan Mountain Soaps

Father’s Day is hard for me. Not all dads are perfect, and that is something that took me a long time to come to grips with. My dad is one of the nicest, most considerate, hardworking, generous guys there is. He is also an alcoholic. There is forgiveness now, but he is not really a part of my life, other than a few phone calls a year. And that breaks my heart. I wish my kids had a grandpa like I did to take them fishing, on long walks, teach them to play checkers and Go Fish, and how to eat Eskimo Pies after a long day at the pool. But it isn’t going to happen anytime soon, and I know that.

Still, deep down inside, I hang on to the wish that someday my dad will be sober. And he’ll come to Alaska and visit us some Father’s Day. And our whole family will go up the mountain and spend the day picking blueberries and laying in the grass, occasionally splashing in the little mountain creek that is so icy cold it takes your breath away. And we’ll pack a picnic lunch with lemonade and cold chicken and chocolate chip cookies. And we will come down the mountain so tired from having fun that we will almost want to fall into bed, but instead we’ll take a dip in the lake, build a bonfire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows for dinner. Because there is nothing my dad needs more than a day of blueberries and sunshine with his family. That’s what I’d give him if I could.


thistle delight said...

love all of the entries. This challenge was so much fun. Whoever wins, the lucky recipient will NOT be sorry {:oD

Anhoki's Place said...

How awesome is this??? Can I pick just one?? Maybe, but I'm not gonna!

Krug's Eco-Logic said...

OH they're ALL so GOOD !! I love the appearance of some, stories behind the soapy goodness, the qualities and ingredients of others ... oh how can I chose JUST one?

I tried to imagine what my dad would like - since, heck, these are FOR Dad's right?

I like "Filthy Hands" by Little Batch the best for my dad. He'd love the way it was formulated just for a man like him - hard working, dirty-handed, don't rest until you drop kind of guy he is.

Great work, EVERYONE !

Gourmet Soaps said...

Beautiful entries everyone! That was really hard, but if I have to choose....I vote for the Camouflaged Soap.

The Artisan said...

My favorite is Dad's Sea Cruise Soap - absolutely stunning piece of art !!!

EnJabonArte said...

My favorite is
Father Knows Best by Metropolis Body, because my dad help me to run my own business so he definitely Knows Best :)

The Farmer's Wife Pasture-raised Poultry said...

Wow! Fantastic stories, wonderful soaps! Trying to figure out if I'm supposed to pick my favorite story or soap!?!
Guess I will go with Dad's Sea Cruising... how did you get those rings in there?

Linnea said...

I will just have to vote for the Camouflaged Soap....the root beer scent is very intriguing!

sachin said...
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Wow every one of these soaps is a winner! If I have to chose just one it's Indestructible by Anhoki.

meg said...

Wow, these are all amazing looking! Its gonna be a tough challenge!

Siana said...

I like the "Father Knows Best" by Metropolis. My dad is always there to offer his advice- he really does know best! I just wish it didn't take me 30 years to realize it! :)

GetSoaked said...

I vote for the Blueberries and Sunshine because when we were little, we used to go outside our house on Sunday mornings and pick fresh blueberries. They grew wild in our neighborhood. Dad would then make us fresh blueberry pancakes for breakfast! They were so good!

羅文浩 said...
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UrbanEden said...

Every day I look at the blog and try to decide which one to vote for. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right--beautiful, personal, unique. In the end I'm with Anhoki--there's no way I can choose because they're all winners, no exceptions.

skinbodyworks said...

I think they are all incredible, However there has to be a winner.

My choice is Anhoki! Love the story behind it!!! WAY TO GO GURL!

Best of Luck to everyone!~

oceankisses said...

INDESTRUCTABLE by Anhoki is my fav. All of the entries are fantastic!

Liz Edgar said...

What a grand idea! These are great! My vote is for Anhoki's Indestructable! Happy Father's Day, Dads! (P.S. My husband and son are into WOW.)

Anonymous said...
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Rick said...

I like the Hogwash soap. I think it's different and a cute idea to appeal to a specific, and large, demographic. Of course, it helps that I ride.

Lori said...

I vote for Hawg Wash soap. What a grand idea for the father that enjoys the outdoors riding his motorcycle.

Linda A. said...

I vote for the Hog Wash soap. My husband was an avid biker and both my sons ride. They would get a kick out of this.