Thursday, April 1, 2010

The SAFE team's Spring Challenge and GIVEAWAY!!!

Spring is here! The sun is shining! The birds have returned! And the SAFEteam has been inspired by all of the rebirth! Anhoki, our challenge leader, challenged the SAFEteam to not only create a spring inspired product, but also to write a poem about why we love spring!

So take a break, read some poetry and vote for your favorite!! Leave your pick in the comments below to be entered into a contest to win one of the winning product! What could be easier!?

Here are this month's entries!

The Hunt by Soap Scent-sations
Daffodils, crocus, and tulips,
New beauty all around.
Easter bonnets, cotton dresses,
Lace and ribbons do abound
Chocolate bunnies and colored eggs
Cast upon the moist Spring ground.

The hunt is on, but wait!
What’s this they've found?
A lamb so pure and white,
Never the likes seen on mortal ground.
Lived as man, once slain, now risen,
With promises of grace profound.

The yearly hunt is over now.
Baskets full and round,
Yet still within their hearts
Praises and hallelujahs resound.
Full of life and light and love,
Proclaiming blessings all around.

Green Spring Cleaning By Green Springs Body Works
Luscious Lavender-Lemon Complexion Bar
Spring is the time when we want to start anew.
What better way than a full body shampoo!

Luscious Lavender Lemon Complexion Bar is just the trick.
I hope it's your number one pick.

Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter by Urban Eden
Walking up Mountain Avenue
With my green plastic watering can,
I head towards the FRESH community garden,
Passing the abandoned pickle factory
And the stoop of a white, wind-chimed two-decker
Where two girls on cell phones
Unfurl their bare arms.

Salsa from the Super Fiesta Market
Mingles with sparrow song

And I think of the squirrel who, earlier this morning,
Raided my compost pile, burying her face
In an avocado with such bliss

That, reading the sign in front of the Madry Temple Church,
I can almost believe
No bunny loves you like Jesus.

Maybe today the pac choi will have sprouted?

Dandelions muscle their way through cracked sidewalks.
Forsythia swells yellow

And when, in my raised bed I find
Not pac choi, but pea seeds
Wrinkling their noses in the unexpectedly dry air,
I tuck them back under their blanket of soil,
Telling them, "Hush. Be patient. Wait
'Til you see what's coming."

Passion Flower Beauty by Starlet Glam
Pink, green and blue Pastel
A sign that Spring is here
Beauty is all around
And the birds happily sing

Flowers are in Bloom
And a Spring Soap has sprung
A burst of light and energy
And a passion flower fragrance
Will awaken your skin gently

So kiss the winter blues goodbye
Relax and revive the soul
As you nourish the body with silky lather
And a spring breeze melts away the stress
A spring blossom soap not to be forgotten

Spring Fling By Thistle Delight

A spring fling
is a funny wee thing
It's fun and exciting
And fresh and inviting

Like a beautiful spring time day
when everything is new and gay
spring fling is fun and flirty
a prefect bar for those that are dirty

Green, lemon, lilac, and pink
a fun bar to grace any sink
its fun and its vibrant
and oh is it fragrant
just like a nod is as good as a wink ;oD

Spring Fling is both Fruity and Floral
This combo should be so immoral
You will love it I know
and leave you all of aglow
This I promise to be factual

Spring Sensations by Lily Pond Soaps

Soft sensations,
whispering through the winds
of summer expectations
Hints of color to come,
lingering scents.....
blossoms they are from

Spring Sensations is a refreshing scent of citrus, floral with a touch of mint. Reminds me of spring air.....Hints of what is to come.

A Buzzing Bouquet by Yummy Suds

Why we love spring...
buds are bursting,
Hummingbirds are thirsting,
color is showing,
the garden is growing.
Bees are buzzing,
dandelions fuzzing,
butterflies floating,
fishermen boating.
An occasional sneeze--
some Allergra please!
Time to wear shorts,
watch kids build forts.
Hear a familiar sound,
as the ice cream truck rounds--
the corner of our block
to the truck they flock.
We sip lemonade,
watch the sun fade,
from the porch swing,
we hear them sing--
A cricket quartet,
the sun has set,
side by side we swing,
This is why we love spring.

Flower Song Soap by the Skin You're In

This glycerin soap is made with thoughts of beautiful spring colors of yellow, blue and green in a creamy background of white. The scent is Water Lilly & Jasmine and knew that I had to call this soap Flower Song.

Winter is at rest for now,
that Spring is next in line is true.
New blossoms, buds and Holy Cow,
what love awaits for me and you!

Lavender stalks are standing tall,
Forget-Me-Nots are strong and bold.
Life is awakening before our eyes,
the days are warm and nights are cold.

Enjoy the Spring with all that's new,
plant life and love where every you may.
All is new and fresh and clean,
the sky above is no longer gray!

The Pastels of Spring by Amelia’s Soap Co.

As winter recedes,
And warmth draws near,
The pastels of spring
Will quickly appear.
Pleasure in this rebirth
That will soon arrive,
As the garden’s flowers
Pop up and come alive.
The season’s happy feelings
Through these blossoms flow,
To spread the joy of Spring
To everyone we know!

Thank You, Mother Nature by Anhoki

The daffodils slowly peaking out
The bunnies all hopping about
Chirping and singing all around
Pollen quickly covering the ground

The days are getting longer
The nights are getting shorter
Kids are slowly getting happier
And Mom's quickly getting crazier

The grass is greener
The skies are bluer
Dandelions covering the ground
Happiness all around

The rains are here
We have our yard gear
The shrubs need pruning
The beds need weeding

This year the kids will see
Just how happy we will be
Handing over the duties with glee
In our hammock laughing hysterically.

Thank You, Mother Nature.

Secret Garden soap by Swan Mountain Soaps

My poem: Springtime in Alaska
(with apologies to Will Shakespeare)

When daisies peek, and violets sprout,
And tulips bloom with all their might,
And little birds do hop about
through grass-green meadows, sweet and bright,
It’s not Alaska that you’re at,
We’re all still locked in winterdom,
As people say, “What’s up with that?”
Is Springtime ever going to come?

Where is the green upon the tree?
Where is the warm upon my back?
When are we ever going to see
A parking lot, in snowless black?
For March is gone, and April’s here,
‘Tis time to wear the shirts of tee
And yet, it’s cold, and yes I fear
My coat will long remain on me.

Come hither, Spring! Come melt the ice!
And chase the hoar and frost away!
We’ll even say hay fever’s nice
If we can wear our clogs today.
Embrace the evil mosquito
If with him comes the barbecue!
Bring on the mud, we’ll love it so
If, Spring, it is a gift from you.

Spring doesn’t really hit Alaska until well into May. So while everyone else is joyfully planting seeds and mowing lawns, we are longingly sighing for the day when it hits 50 degrees so we can wear t-shirts and clogs and pull out the barbecues – even though we know that with Spring come the hoards of mosquitoes and enough mud to supply several monster truck rallies.

Thank goodness we have our springtime soaps!

Voting will close on Thursday April 8th, so get your votes in!
Thanks for playing and good luck!!


Kimi G said...

Gardener's poem: week before easter is my fave!

CJ's Fine Designs said...

Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter is my favorite!

Soap Scent-sations said...

You all did such a beautiful job! and the poems are touching, fun, wonderful! How will we ever decide???

Gourmet Soaps said...

Beautiful soaps, my friends! Poems were really, really ridiculously good-looking :} I vote for Swan and her happy soap. I wish I could package our 80 degree weather & mail it to you.

UrbanEden said...

Oooh, I can't decide, but I'm enjoying reading everyone's poems and seeing your soaps. Big thank you's for putting the blog post together.

Dlsarmywife said...

They are all fantastic, but my vote goes to Swan Mountain Soaps! =D

BPR Designs said...

a very tough choice, but I think Swam Mountain soap has my vote! :)

karen lee said...

I just love Green Spring Cleaning By Green Springs Body Works with your lovely Luscious Lavender Lemon Complexion Bar.

Beautiful rustic charm and all natural ingredients (even Milk from your daughters Nubian goats!)
Perfect for Spring!

ruth hill radcliffe said...

oh dear, some wonderful entries and entertaining poetry. Will have to think on this.....good luck everyone

Seavbeach Designs said...

They are all so good! I think that Soap Scent-sations is my favorite ;)

Lenox Knits said...

I'm impressed with everyone's skills but I would say that Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter by Urban Eden is my favorite.

SoDucky said...

All of them were very nice, but I was definitely drawn into the imagery of Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter by Urban Eden!

icitea said...

got to say secret garden is my favorite. Shakespeare always gets props!

Jennifer Moore said...

The Pastels of Spring by Amelia’s Soap Co.

Karramandi said...

I like everyones entry but to pick one, it would have to be Gardener's Poem. Good luck everyone :)

coolpauper said...

I vote for Amelia's Soap Co.

Mary said...

I vote for Urban Eden's soap! I love leaves and this soap is beautiful!

Angel Scents said...

wow I love them all but I have to vote for Spring Sensations by Lily Pond Soaps. I think its sooo pretty. But everything here is just beautiful!


Dawnmarie Huerta said...

I must say I enjoyed them all. Some are funny, some more serious, all of them very good. One stood out for me - Gardeners Poem : the week before Easter by Urban Eden. Really took me to another place and it was as if I were there, walking down that sidewalk toward the garden on a beautiful warm spring morning. Good luck to all of you. :)
Here's my info:

Mel said...

Urban Eden's "Gardener's Poem" gets my vote.

red bamboo said...

Reading through the other comments, I can see that my pick 'Gardeners Poem' is a popular choice!
Beautiful looking soap and I really liked the poem!

littlebatch said...

UrbanEden's poem really got me.

ElegantHobbies said...

They're all really beautiful.. My choice is "Gardener's Poem".. Thanks..

Domestic Diva said...

Springtime in Alaska made me chuckle.

Heather said...

Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter is my favorite.

K said...

Urban Eden gets my vote :)

Heather said...

Amelia's Soap Company gets my vote! Bravo!!

Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

Yummy Suds all the way! Now that's craftsmanship!

Leigh said...

my favorite was spring fling!

Gabriel's Aunt said...

Have to vote for my favorite skin care person on Etsy-GreenSprings0 and her Luscious Lavender-Lemon Complexion Bar!

Janie said...

Amelia Soap Company's poem just speaks to me!

Kare said...

Yummy Suds!!

handiworksbyjanice said...

Amelia's Spring soap gets my vote!

smellyrhinostudio said...

So many to choose from, but the Easter colors of the pastels of Spring, by Amelia soaps is sweet.

Lynda said...

Gardener's Poem by Urban Eden gets my vote!

nichol said...

They're all pretty but I love the water pail by Yummy Suds!!!

Robin said...

The Pastels of Spring by Amelia’s Soap Co.

Is who I would like to vote for

Debbie said...

I vote for Amelia's soap co.

Carrie S said...

I vote for The Hunt by Soap Scent-sations

Roxanne Brillante-Justice said...

I vote for Yummy Suds, Buzzing Bouquet...just lovely.

N said...

I vote for SwanMountainSoaps.

Carolsue said...

I like Spring Fling By Thistle Delight

Kristen said...

Wow, they are all so wonderfully talented in their poetry and soap making! But my vote is for Amelia's, so lovely!!

filigreephotos said...

My favorite is: The Pastels of Spring by Amelia’s Soap Co

Taylor said...

Kudos to everyone! Fantastic images of Spring and rebirth. But my vote goes to The Pastels of Spring by Amelia's Soap Co!

Anne said...

My pick is Gardener's Poem: The Week Before Easter by Urban Eden.

林淑凡 said...
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Shelley said...

So many gorgeous soaps!! Great job on the poems! I vote for swan's secret garden... we also long for snowless days and 50 degrees.

K Low said...

Well done to everyone! My vote is for Swan Mountain Soaps.

Jennai said...

I like the Spring Fling By Thistle Delight the most!
HobartsMama {AT}

Janice said...

That was easy for me - Gardener's Poem by Urban Eden!

elena said...

Love the Gardener's Poem: Week Before Easter - my vote.

What a great idea for a contest!

Jenny said...

Yummy Suds!