Friday, June 12, 2009


We don't just make soap here at the SAFEteam!! Every Spring, Swan Mountain Soap makes a few batches of their wonderful and sweet Wild Dandelion Jelly. It makes everybody happy - the kids get to pick bunches of them, the dads love to see them go, and we get to eat Dandelion Jelly on toast all summer long. Here's what we don't tell the kids: dandelions are SO good for you! (Shhhh!) For starters, dandelions are very high in vitamins and antioxidants. Most importantly, they're yummy.

In A Lather's solid shampoo is a must for any summer essential list. TERRIFIC performance, portability, and convenience, all in one product--what more could you ask? Or course they are environmentally friendly in that they require minimal packaging, too. Scents like Mango Zephyr Breeze, Bamboo Pear, and Thai Coconut will have you thinking you are on vacation all summer long!

...and hey, it's summer. You're supposed to sweat. But, that doesn't mean you've gotta stink. Urbaneden's Lemon Myrtle deodorant is not only effective and natural, but it smells heavenly. Lemon myrtle, blood orange, jasmine...ahhhh.


Hansen Soap Co. said...

Lovely!! I sooooo want to have some of Swan's jelly. Mmmmmm!!!

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