Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little soapy humor ...

This week, CYA Team adopted an honorary member: scgoddess

In case you missed it ... here is her rendition of "As the Soap Lathers" - the daily drama of CYA Team (original posting can be found in this thread on the Etsy forums).


I confess - I am a CYA groupie :) I do not make soap, never will - but I will buy from the best - Etsy soapers. You guys are hysterical - I get my daily jollies from your adventures.

Sit back, have some coffee and chocolate (you know you want it) and enjoy my take on your thread. This may run a little long but that is your fault, not mine.

o O
....cue the organ music.....Narrator's voice (could it be Dennis behind that 'stash?)
On this week's episode of ATSL......

....will anyone make it through the week without illness?? Loyal followers of ATSL know to keep Lysol spray beside the keyboard to protect from viral ooze.

.....will there be an explosion of soap in the mold??

....will the Feds discover the secret identities of Swan and Anoki?? We all know them by their alternate personas - enforcers for the Soap Mob.

.....who will be arrested for stalking their UPS/FedEX/USPS carrier?? much hair will be torn out because of supply snafus??

....will anyone raise their goggles and have a lye accident??

......will this be the week that there are no NPB and the sale fairy visits everyone?

......will more children be forgotten at school/activities while soapies work?

.....Most importantly: who will be the first to break out the wine/margaritas/Jack/alcohol du jour?

Found on EVERY episode of ATSL:

...generous mentoring
...unlimited support
...loving compassion
...tolerance of differences
...wild, wacky, off the wall humor

She even suggest our new CYA Team Motto should be:
Cleaning up the world one person at a time - unless you can get two in your shower :)

Thanks, scgoddess ... for the humor and for your awesome support of CYA Team. You are appreciated muchly!!!


Anhoki's Place said...

I loved this so much I put it on my blog yesterday. Our own little team jester. 8o)

krfinestsoap said...

Can we keep her? Huh, huh? She just followed me home, I promise! And I'm sure she won't eat much! And Lave said she'd take her out for walkies!

The Ivory Magnolia said...

too funny!